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Welcome to StarbucksandSephora.com⋆ My name is Raizy and I run this blog full of makeup madness! Hope you enjoy!

Makeup has always been a point of interest of mine, being that my mother is a makeup artist. She always let me experiment with all her products that she no longer used. Not really knowing how to use them correctly or even knowing what was used for what. Other then that I never really cared how to use it, and what to use were. 

A few years ago my dear friend introduced me to some beauty channels on YouTube. OMG I was blown away by what can be done with makeup. I had to have all that makeup, even though I had no idea how to use any of it. But slowly I learned how to, by watching all the makeup tutorials and soon enough I figured out how to put on black eyeliner with out poking my eye out.  It took some time, but now I know how to do the whole hilight and contour thing! 

And now I would love to share all the little tips that helped me along the way. The way I did somethings might not be the correct way to do somethings, but it worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well. I started this website so I can share all the things that I had learned along the way. 

Right now I am working on becoming a certified makeup artist, not that its important in todays makeup world. But I feel  for me it will help with learning the correct way how to apply makeup. I might not even use all the things that I will learn, but I will always have that information and will know how to do certain things that others might not know how to do. In the future my dream is to become a professional makeup artist that will be featured in magazines and everywhere else as well. As of now, I am working on building a strong portfolio to show case what I am capable of doing. 

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