First Photoshoot

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So today we finally got our final images from our final photoshoot. It was the most nervous I had been ever! But it was a great way to start in the makeup world. Finally working on someone I had never met and had to go according to their vision. For our finale had 1 hr to complete a makeup look we liked, after our models got their hair done and it was off to take pictures. Looking at the photographer capturing your hard work was actually really satisfying. It was like wow, I made it here!!! It was so exciting to finally be done,  I still cant believe that it happened.

The model that I got to work with was amazing! She was so calm even though I was freaking out!! She let me go crazy with what ever look I wanted to do. I went with a very simple smokey eye and the rest of her face was “natural”, meaning you can not detect that she is wearing a ton of  makeup with out comparing the two images (see attached)

This was the most exciting thing! Hoping there are more opportunities like this to come in the future.

2015-09-21 13.45.03

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